Emma Hill says Bryn is “laid-back and unpretentious”

by Team Bloginity

The creative director of the iconic British label explained how the new Bryn model was created and which influences shaped its design.

The satchel is a ladylike version of the brand’s men’s Brynmore style and praised the practicality and timeless look of the design.

“It’s a very laid-back, classic and unpretentious style loaded with Mulberry DNA – the Postman’s locks, the natural leather, the easy throw-it-on satchel style,” she told Vogue. “I think it just works well for day, work and travel. It’s versatile luxury but timeless – I think that’s why it’s such a consistently popular style in the men’s collection. The Bryn is a softer, more feminine but still a totally practical and simple style.”

With stars including Alexa Chung and Keira Knightley already showing off their Bryn bags, the design is set to become Mulberry’s latest hit.

Emma praised the two stylish fashion icons for the effortless way they wear their bags, giving the impression it has been a coveted item in their wardrobe for a long time rather than a new possession.

“Both girls are so beautiful and wear their satchels in different ways – but both have that easy elegance that works with an understated satchel, that effortless, very British attitude of mixing up styles and looks,” she said. “Both girls carried their Bryn like they’d owned it forever, it instantly had that vintage impression which I love.”