Raf Simons Discovers “Specific Codes” since working at Christian Dior

by Team Bloginity

The designer is the new creative director of the fashion house and made his debut at the recent Haute Couture Fashion Week.

He has been amazed by how much he’s learned since taking up the job.

“We all know and we all perceive Christian Dior in a very specific way … finding myself in the house now, I have to say that I discovered even much more things that I didn’t really see before, like specific codes that he uses, and specific gestures, and specific attitudes,” he explains in a video interview for the label posted on YouTube.

Raf’s couture pieces were widely praised for offering something new while also staying true to the ethos of the French label.

His opening outfit was a chic tuxedo suit and he also offered dresses and pretty trousers. The designer wanted his presentation to have broad appeal and inspire women.

“My desire is to have the history and the future together by making a more modern dress and a more, let’s say, historical dress, and kind of fusing them together,” he says.

“I think it’s also an attitude gesture, what we did with some of the couture dresses. Like there were several that we cut off in a kind of top, minidress length, to be worn with the pants so that the whole attitude changes… and the girl can just move very easily, hands in the pockets, whatever. Same with the ones that were sliced open in the front, you know, and you take also a pant underneath. It doesn’t become this kind of ‘don’t touch it, only look at it’ situation.”