Roksanda Ilincic wanted ‘real’ career

by Team Bloginity

The designer has always been intrigued by fashion because her mother used to spend a lot of time picking outfits and applying make-up. However, she initially planned to have a totally different job.

“I fought against it, at first, because I studied architecture and thought I should do something a bit more… real. But, in the end, I was just really drawn to fashion. When I should’ve been buying architecture books and doing research, I was spending all my money on fashion magazine,” she laughed to the latest edition of UK InStyle magazine.

She is thrilled with her career nowadays, although it took some time for her to forge a path in the industry. Roksanda has warned working in fashion isn’t as easy as many think.

“When you start out you have those aspirations to be a fashion designer, you don’t really know what you’re letting yourself in for,” she said.

“There are good and bad things, but the good thing is, you would never start your own label if you knew about the bad! You enter the whole thing quite naively in a way, but then you learn how to deal with the business and the creative side; how to find the right balance and a way of making clothes that are desirable and stylish at the same time.”