Roksanda Ilincic says her new collection is exciting

by Daniel Haim

Kelly Mittendorf Roksanda Ilincic Fall 2012

Roksanda Ilincic’s Fall/Winter 12 line aims to help women with “fast” lives.

The designer is known for her quirky take on classic creations, often choosing bright hues over muted shades. Roksanda has explained what she wanted to achieve with her latest collection.

“I wanted to bring some excitement into the casual hours of a women’s week. I was playing with contrast – dressing up casual things and dressing down evening things,” she explained. “I love balance, so there were lots of jerseys mixed with silks – like a sweatshirt-looking top from the front, but with a beautiful silk back. Our lives are so fast, in one day, you need to answer many different demands.”

Roksanda has a certain type of female in mind when she is designing. She likes to think of the woman who would wear her pieces as being both edgy and chic.

“She likes feminine and masculine things mixed together,” the designer told the latest edition of UK InStyle magazine. “She’s quite independent and she likes to stand out – but in a discreet way.”