Stella McCartney’s Olympics Outfits

Jessica Ennis, Team GB

Stella McCartney hopes the uniform she has designed for the UK Olympics team makes them feel “special”.

The fashion designer has created the clothing the UK team will compete in at the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games.

Although she has teamed up with Adidas for sports ranges before, Stella found things different this time.

“They all said they felt the way they looked did impact on how they performed,” she said. “We all forget that athletes are normal people too and in the same way that you or I feel differently when we know we look good, so do they.”

Stella was particularly careful about pieces she designed for women. She wants the female hopefuls to look their best if they score a medal and so gave them an outfit which reflects their sexuality.

“Feminizing the podium outfit was an important part of my design,” she told Stylist magazine. “Most of the time female athletes are just given a unisex tracksuit to put on but I’ve given them the ability to cinch in their waist and to remove the Aertex lining so they can play with layering. Ultimately the athletes know they’ve had someone looking closely at every single moment of the design and I hope that lifts their spirits and makes them feel special.”