Yayoi Kusama: Marc Jacobs is wonderful

Louis Vuitton’s latest collaborator artist Yayoi Kusama is happy that the label “appreciates” her art.

Louis Vuitton’s latest collaborator has praised “wonderful designer” Marc Jacobs.

Marc is the creative director of the luxury French label, which has created a line of clothing and accessories with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. She is best known for her dot-heavy print work which always features pattern, repetition and accumulation.

Yayoi has discussed why she enjoyed working with Louis Vuitton.

“Marc Jacobs’s sincere attitude towards art is the same as my own,” she told The Cut. “I respect him as a wonderful designer. Louis Vuitton understands and appreciates the nature of my art. Therefore there isn’t much difference from my process of making fashion.”

The new line will be available from July 11, with images of the pieces just released.

Among them is a large red tote bag with white dots and patent detailing. There are also black and white dotty pumps, sunglasses and bracelets which boast the same circular pattern, handbags and court shoes.

The artist has worked on apparel in the past and her collection was once sold at Bloomingdales in New York City. “An evening gown with holes cut out at the breast and derriere went for as much as $1,200,” she recalled.