Fern Mallis has revealed why she made the move from New York to India

Photo by Giorgio Niro

Fern Mallis says her move to Indian fashion has prompted a “completely gaga” reaction.

The queen of New York Fashion Week made a shock decision to leave her post at global fashion management company IMG to branch out on her own. Speaking at the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai – an event Fern assisted in creating in her previous role – Fern discussed how people close to her in the industry took the news she was starting her own consulting company, Fern Mallis LLC in India.

“They’re just completely gaga and want to come with me!” Fern exclaimed to the Huffington Post. “Everybody I know wants to be in India with me.”

The Lakme Fashion Week is important as it encourages, nurtures and discovers talented Indian designers. Not only is the event special for Fern due to her role in making it the success it is today, but she also likes that it reflects the country’s growing influence on all aspects of the fashion industry. India’s fabrics, the colors and the people’s style are just some of the aspects of the culture that New York fashionistas can’t get enough of.

“India is enjoying such an extraordinary place in culture right now, it’s India’s moment and India really needs to seize that moment and get behind these kinds of industries, the creative talents, the accessories, the designers,” Fern gushed. “I could be bringing a busload – a plane load!– of people in a nanosecond who want to be here with me and shop with me.”