Riccardo Tisci is “goofy and energetic”, says Isaac Ekblad

by Team Bloginity

Riccardo Tisci by Steven Klein

The Givenchy creative director has been at the helm at one of the world’s most respected fashion labels since 2005. He has previously joked that he has single-handedly changed the fortune of the company, but little about his character is known.

Relative newcomer to the industry model Isaac Ekblad landed a major coup when he was recruited for a Givenchy exclusive and given the chance to work with the legendary designer.

“He’s a goofy guy, energetic,” Isaac revealed to NY Mag.com. “He actually made jokes about the clothing sometimes, just like, ‘Nice skirt, Isaac,’ or something. But he’s really smart. I like him.”

Italian designer Riccardo is responsible for the Super Bowl costume Madonna she wore earlier this year, and has previously created artwork for Jay-Z and Kanye West’s albums.

He is an avid fan of putting on grand and spectacular catwalk shows for his Givenchy collection showcases. Despite knowing to expect this kind of production from Riccardo, Isaac was shocked by the scale of his shows.

“I was surprised by how big it was — like we walked into the place, and there were dozens of hairdressers and toenail-clipper people… I don’t know what their professional name is,” Isaac laughed. “And there’s food and all of our outfits are lined up, and you see the room and they’re pumping the music in and incense is wafting through the air. I didn’t know I got there and I realized, ‘Woah this is big.’”