Roberto Cavalli has been bonding with a host of young stars while on vacation

by Team Bloginity

Photo by Fabo Ferrari

The Italian fashion designer has been on vacation lately, spending time on his yacht in Monte Carlo and Saint Tropez.

He has written a blog post about his escapades, where he opens up about the famous faces who joined him as he was relaxing.

“I passed this time traveling between Monte Carlo and Saint Tropez, which amused me and gave me new, young, interesting and special friends… Zac Efron, with whom I am constantly exchanging text messages, and I have formed a friendship, based on mutual respect, which is destined to last a long time! (sic)” he wrote.

Hunky model-and-actor Kellan Lutz also spent some time with Roberto. He brought his girlfriend along and Roberto was impressed with the deep and meaningful conversations they shared.

“Kellan Lutz and his girlfriend… Sharni. We spent five days together on the boat which give me the opportunity to appreciate their education, simplicity and sweetness… (sic)” he explained.

Also invited aboard the yacht were Irish twins Jedward, who are known for their electro-pop anthems and high-kicking antics.

“The Jedward twins are unique and special, with a strong love for fashion and a strong desire to be creative and to fight against monotony! (sic)” Roberto said.

When he wasn’t entertaining his guests, the designer spent time coming up with ideas for his upcoming Just Cavalli and Roberto Cavalli lines. The new collections will be shown in September and Roberto admits he didn’t get all his work completed when he should have.