Stephen Jones transforms Marc Jacobs’ characters into hats

Stephen Jones transforms Marc Jacobs’ characters into hats.

The milliner is the mastermind behind the big hat creations seen on Marc Jacobs’ models this season. Stephen says the collaboration between them worked so well as he creates his hats in a character-lead way, while Marc is a designer who likes to tell a story through his fashion.

“For myself it’s about creating a character, always with the hat. Hats are just about association. They always tell a story,” Stephen told Love magazine. “Marc will work in a very character driven way, and if he tells me this story, I completely get it and I can put it into a hat. Because that’s what I do: I make the story into a hat.”

Stephen has been creating his wonderful and wacky headgear since the 1980s when he first made a name for himself in the midst of his clubbing youth. It’s been 32 year since then and Stephen’s hats have now been worn by all manner of people from London club scene’s New Romantic star Steve Strange to Britain’s Princess Diana. Stephen describes one odd moment in his career when both those celebrities wore a beret he had designed.

“It was quite bizarre,” Stephen recalled. “Steve wore it in the video of Mind of a Toy; the Princess of Wales wore it to, I think, launch a ship.”