Victoria Beckham “I’m an Edgy Editor”

Victoria Beckham hopes her stint as guest editor of US Glamour magazine shows she’s “cool and a little more edgy”.

The fashion designer took her role with the publication seriously, working with it for five months.

Among her pieces is a look at runway hairstyles which is modeled by Lily Collins and Victoria was adamant about how the piece should turn out.

“I wanted to put my stamp on the magazine,” she is quoted as saying by WWD. “They were really open to my ideas, like I wanted to show Lily with not a lot of retouching. I have a very strong vision of what I like, and it’s cool and a little more edgy.”

Victoria laughingly added she was a “control freak” while working on the magazine.

Other features she was involved with included a look at bold eye make-up and a style spread with UK boy band The Wanted.

Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive was thrilled when Victoria agreed to the role as the magazine’s readers have fallen in love with her collections.

Cindi was amazed by how involved Victoria was – the star had a hand in casting and took conference calls too.

The former Spice Girl enjoyed things so much she said she’d work as a fashion editor if her design job ever dries up.