Carolina Herrera Spring 2013 – Beauty Report

by Mynxii White

This collection is definitely a favorite this week, catering to both classic beauty and contemporary style with ethereal fluidity in a timeless elegance that can be counted on every season at Carolina Hererra. Abstract patterns on flowy textures gracefully adorned pulchritudinous pieces cut perfectly to fit the high class woman for a lightness that is perfect for spring. The color palette emphasized the overall feeling of the collection with soft and subtle shades of pale blue, sea foam, glacier and some touches of orange and yellow.

Inspired by Sarah Moon, the Sixties model and photographer, Diane Kendal from MAC cosmetics kept the makeup chic and illimitable for a look that could be lost in time. She applied MAC face and body to the skin, a favorite amongst artists for a flawless finish. Sweeping a light application of Cubic blush on the cheeks and highlighting with Luna cream color base illuminated the face for a gentle glow perfect for a summer evening. Industry Powerpoint was used to shape the eyes, with Must Have Brown to top the color. Blending Phone Number Eye Kohl over that, a light dusting of Coquette eye shadow was added on the brow bone for extra depth. Lashes were lightly curled, but mascara was skipped in favor of a thin line of Black Crème liner on top and bottom lids. Orlando Pita, working with Moroccanoil, was told to “avoid any references to the past,” so he created a style with feminine sophistication suitable for any wearer. Hair was smoothed sleek and straight with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong, pulling it tight on the sides and taking the top section of the hair, directing it toward the back of the head. “Normally, a style like this would have a barrette, but that would be too schoolgirl here,” said Pita. “This is a woman, not a girl.” Hair was finished with a substantial amount of luminous Hairspray, and a light mist of Moroccanoil Frizz Control applied to the crown area to make sure there were no flyaways. Opposite of anything even remotely masculine, this was flirty and fresh, a gentle nod to the vintage shapes and textures that has fashioned Hollywood icons of generations past.