Gregory Parkinson Spring 2013 – Beauty Report

Visions of lemon and citrus freshened up faces along with the collection, youthful florals and delicate lace sweetly adorned each dress painting the perfect image of a young girl in the summer. Each model appeared to blossom out of a perfectly quaint garden in pastel shades of yellow, pinks and lavenders softly painting every piece. Hair was pinned in messy updos that were teased and coifed into nests of mused up locks piled high on the head.

Wisps of hair feathered around the face in uncombed wisps, effortless and loose. Skin shone bright, clean with a soft flush in the cheek akin to a blushing innocence. Yellow bronzes were swept over top and bottom lids in a sunset-like glow, eyes ablaze, illuminating the beauty of jejunity. A heavy hand was used in the mascara application leaving lashes long, further opening up the eye. Soft, matte pink lips bloomed into muted flowers, the texture opposite of the rest of the face bringing balance to the total look. This was an image of sublime elegance with the air of effortless refinement.