Ivana Helsinki Spring 2013 – Beauty Report

by Mynxii White

It was refreshing to finally see an original beauty moment at Ivana Helsinki; faces were beautifully sophisticated with a pleasant twist. Titled “Mourning Sun Motel,” the collection was based on a film about guests at an old motel shot in Finland in the summer of 2012. Featuring dark, dramatic floral prints and the brand’s signature exaggerated silhouettes, an ethereal resonance was reflected in the overall tone of the look.

This rapidly growing brand is fresh with its nod to the traditional Scandinavian image; monochromatic sepia tones balanced the pop on the lip that made the whole concept very memorable. “Each season we do one thing that is a little special,” said Hawkins, hair and makeup artist for Paul Mitchell and Mirabella. “This season I did the dark lip lined and deepened with Mirabella Madame Rouge and then, with a dark brown pencil, I added one single vertical line on the cupid of the lip.” Hawkins features designer Paola Suhonen’s customary request- to have one part of the makeup standout. Cheeks were softly contoured; light terra-cotta shades were brushed on the apples to compliment the lip color.

Eyes were a matte nude and brows carefully penciled for an intensified natural appearance. He leaves hair simple, perfectly parted in the center and loosely pulled back in a low pony covering the ears. Hair is ironed stick straight, polished and healthy hanging long down delicate backs. There was a tasteful refinement that did not go unnoticed on the runway, unique pulchritude not lost on the audience of fashion forward thinkers ready for something modern and unexpected.