Mulberry Spring 2013 – Beauty Report

by Mynxii White

There is something that we loved here at Mulberry- hair a deep side part pulled back low that was similar to that which was seen at Marc Jacobs in New York just last week was a show stopper and so effortlessly chic.

Although the collection was very different, the same playful, quirky spirit could be seen in the presentation, which was held at London’s Claridges Ballroom and transformed into an English country garden with pastel-colored garden gnomes and wheelbarrows dotted around, accompanied by lush floral hangings. Black standard poodles accompanied some models, a whimsy and cute accessory to the sugary collection. Head makeup artist Mathias van Hooff used L’Oréal Paris products to create an almost fragile, pale face for the spring collection, using Light Reflecting Foundation, then a nude blush mixed with moisturizer to make skin even silkier. “The key focus of the look is the eye, where we’ve used a very black, solid block of eyeliner. Instead of a curved line with a flick, it’s a straight, blunt line. We completed the eye with three layers of mascara on the top lashes and two layers on the bottom,” Mathias explained. A soft peach lip competed the look, keeping things sweet. Sam McKnight was responsible for the unkempt do’. “The story behind the look is a girl who’s been out partying, then slept with all her hair and makeup — and gone out the next day.” This was a favorite; accessible and easy yet still sexy in a very mischievous way.