Nicole Miller Spring 2013 – Beauty Report

by Mynxii White

Aptly named “Batteries Not Included,” Nichole Miller’s spring vision is what you’d call “relaxed chic,” a youthful sophistication with an urban edge. “While designing my Spring 2013 collection, I was inspired by sci-fi 80s movies. The color spectrums are otherworldly, and the tactile, emotive surfaces in the films inspired me to experiment with proportions, colors, and fabrics, both natural and synthetic,” Miller says of her collection. The trend of duality running strong this season, the pieces were meant to reveal improbable juxtapositions, the mixture of hard and soft were illustrated in both color and texture in the fabrics. Straight and smooth hair was ironed flat and pulled back at the temples, neatly pinned right above the ears.

Barely there makeup was clean and sophisticated, straightforward in its undemanding application. Flawless skin was bright and luminous, perfect and clean pairing nicely with the simple hairstyle. It was almost sporty in combination with the short suits with trippy pants, keeping the focus on the busy florals and palette of teal, soft greys, pink, mushroom and the omnipresent black.