Selfridges Beauty Workshop

by Mynxii White

Selfridges finally launches its Beauty Workshop, a perfect fusion of the top trend driven brands in the world along with the ultimate opportunity to try them all in one posh place.

Jayne Demuro, Selfridges Head of Beauty says: “For years Selfridges Oxford Street has been THE most successful Beauty Hall in the world. Selfridges revolutionized the way the world retailed beauty, by placing the department at the front of the store. With this retailing innovation in our DNA, we are always striving to bring extraordinary new experiences to our customers.”

The Workshop takes pride in encompassing many areas of esthetics from luxury tanning, nails, brow and hair services all directed by a personal on site concierge. This is the culmination of the best brands under one roof, with the best team to advise and educate for the maximum experience in opulence.

Selfridges partnered with Factory311 to produce a shoot for the launch, Factory311 describes their vision as a new way to market; “People need to find their own way to explore and experience your brand, and that comes through the personality you project, and the content you share.” The brilliance between this alliance can definitely be seen in the behind the scenes images from the project; the artistry and creative fusion evolved into something so much more than anyone could have imagined.


Agency – FACTORY311
Backstage photos by Tom Fraud
Campaign Photography by Sabine Liewald
Hair by Sascha Breuer
Makeup by Phyllis Cohen
Creative Director – Nicholas Hardy
.. Big thanks to the creative team at Selfridges London