TiA CiBANi Spring 2013 – Beauty Report

Heat on the runway could be felt at TiA CiBANi, an epicurean summer romance reflected in every step, narrating a vintage love affair from a distant land. Taking inspiration from a young Marguerite Duras, a French woman enmeshed in a wanton courtship with an older man, the collection was amorous and sensual; exposed skin appeared velvety underneath metallic lame’ draping languidly around waists and bare shoulders.

Hair was tucked and pinned loosely into a faux 1930’s bob delicately waving around the jaw line. One could almost envision the young Duras captured in time, beautiful and fresh, gracefully pushing a curl aside. Eyes were deepened with matte nudes blended up to the brows, which were also darkened, magnifying intensity in the expression. Skin was kept silky and smooth, and cheeks were slightly contoured, but soft. Lips were mostly bare; a slight coral tone gave a bit of youthful light to the overall look. “This is much more my own vision,” Cibani says of her presentation, a dreamlike memoir of possibly even a bit of herself reflected in the portrayal of a young lover.