Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring 2013 – Beauty Report

by Mynxii White

Vivienne Westwood Red Label this season was by far one of the favorite beauty looks of the week, although not quite as ready to wear as the collection itself, definitely bold and interesting to watch as each face told the story of an Andy Warhol painting come to life. With a soundtrack from a live performance by Rooster, singer Sara Stockbridge was the perfect muse to rock the show to new heights.

Retro lovelies in 50’s inspired twinsets, cocktail dresses and pearls were prim and ladylike, 17th century colored powdered wigs alluding to a time when fashion was coveted and not disposable. Entitled “Climate Revolution”, the collection focused on Vivienne’s ongoing campaign to raise awareness about climate change; painted faces of green, blue, yellow, and pink makeup was inspired by hues taken from the Renaissance style gardens which could also be seen in the color palette of the clothing. “My job now gives me an excuse to talk about what I really care about — and that is the climate revolution,” Westwood said. Her environmental stance was most evident in floral Stephen Jones headdresses that were paired with the most heavily painted faces. The show closed with Westwood herself transformed into a pirate with one black eye, the captain of this show, again reminding us why she has become a coveted treasure in the British design world.