The Complete Maison Martin Margiela and H&M Collection

by Alexander Patino

When H&M announced that Maison Martin Margiela would be its next collaborative brand, well, we here at Bloginity were more than just a little dubious, to say the least. We have friends who reside outside the fashion world; we know people who throw the phrase “Who on earth would actually ever wear that?” around like it’s their job, a phrase typically reserved for the likes of highly experimental houses like Margiela. It’s an audacious choice for the retail giant, but now that the whole collection has hit our inbox, we can say now that the results make this a real fashion no-brainer.

There’s plenty of quirk throughout the 104 piece offering. Boots painted over in a white so crackly it looks like Plaster of Paris. There are hybrid dresses, cut from two separate pieces – half a gown on the right, a short little black party dress on the left, candy wrapper wallets (The party gift at last night’s fete’), leggings and men’s tuxedo jackets emblazoned by a mirrored fabric that could double for a disco ball, inverted jeans and purses with opera glove straps (Destined to become a collector’s item, for sure).

It’s almost shameful how many items we’ve already got on our shopping list. Check out the full collection after the jump and start saving up for the big day on November 15.