Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 – Beauty Report

Marc Jacobs knows how to take a stab at the strikingly bizarre, beginning the season with his own show in stripes and bringing everything to an anticipated dramatic conclusion with the iconic Louis Vuitton Damier square pattern with a not so classic twist. The production was much a like a grand art installation with models walking in pairs emerging from mirrored walls onto four sets of escalators leading to a checkered yellow and white runway. Being known as the pinnacle of luxury, the brand is challenged to meet high standards every season, and this one as no different. “Sequins were stacked in intervals to create dimension between the mesh that they were applied to,” Jacobs describes the level of intimate detail that went into every piece, each microscopic sequin applied by hand.

The hair and makeup was something resembling inspiration from his own collection in New York; a fresh twist on 60’s mod revealed ladylike beehive updos topped with delicate satin ribbon wrapped around the hair. Perfect bows gave the look a sweet girlish appeal, a very Alice in Wonderland detail that was endearing and feminine. Short, side swept fringe delicately framed the face with a softness that rivaled the hard patterns it accompanied. A pop of matte orange on the lid perfectly complimented the bright yellows in the clothing, keeping the look fun, fresh, and bright. A heavy application of mascara was used on both bottom and top lashes with a light white on inner rims for a wide-eyed doe effect, perfecting the image of a flawless porcelain doll.