Miu Miu Spring 2013 – Beauty Report

by Mynxii White

Eyes were focused and girlishly intense on the Miu Miu runway; a sense of a “girl about town” sauntered provocatively in dark denims and tie-dyed furs with an ease only Miuccia Prada can create. The mixture of “rich and poor” fabrics again brought us to this place of duality that has been much loved over the last few weeks. A contemporary update of elegance was extravagant yet effortless in 50’s femme fatale silhouettes, pulling off a look that was a bit disheveled but beautiful as only a good time girl can. The dark and smoky atmosphere combined with the sultry blues of Miles Davis inspired a quick switch in the hips, slaying any man that had the misfortune of crossing paths.

Severely cropped, tousled fringe looked slightly slept in, but still sweet in a sexy, grown up way. Brows were bold as well as cheekbones creating sharpness in the face that could cut through your soul. Strong contour was void of warm color for a savage sex appeal seldom seen in the softness of spring. A subtle shadow in the eyes was a look of “day after” makeup worn by the experienced woman on the go, touched up to get through another day of high class grandeur. A slight peachy pout completed the look, puckered in a seemingly permanent “come hither” expression that was both flirty and let’s face it- a little dangerous. Prada likes her lady a bit on the naughty side, “The femme fatale is never perfect…at least the ones I like.”