Alexander Wang to Balenciaga

Is Alexander Wang, the prince of downtown New York urban-chicness the new front-runner to replace Nicolas Ghesquiere at Balenciaga?

The rumor wheel has been an insufferable little bitch all week. First, it toyed with our cheap emotions by parading this Givenchy x H&M canard in our faces just two mornings ago, and now, Twitter has gone amock just before midnight with the New York Times’ Cathy Horyn’s declaration that the prince of downtown New York urban-chicness – Alexander Wang  – is the new front-runner to replace Nicolas Ghesquiere at Balenciaga. Not only that, but Horyn claims that the official appointment could be solidified as early as the end of this week (By the way, it’s Thursday, ok?).

There’s no sense in waxing lyrical about Ghesquiere’s talents or legacy. It is important to note, before any concrete opinions can be laid out,  that Ghesquiere was a mere 25 years old when he took the reins as creative director of Balenciaga, after the untimely departure of Belgian designer Josephus Thimister. Still, the Ghesquieres of this world are few and far between – real gifts to any art. Still, Alexander Wang’s talents can not be easily dismissed. His Fall 2011 collection was as haute a collection that has graced a catwalk in recent memory. Still, Balenciaga is not in need of a revival. It’s been staged. If ever there were a house in least need of a mix up – it was the Maison Balenciaga.

Wang is hardly most people’s first guess for the position. Even if a mix-up were inevitable (we do not know the motives behind neither Ghesquiere nor PPR- the conglomerate that owns Balenciaga, along with Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen). But, the fact that he left such an impression on the head honchos of PPR as to make it to the front of the ranks surely  means that -aesthetically – the company is looking for a new POV, a new breath of life. We say, enjoy it if you can get it.

We also say you should know when you’re sitting on gold.

UPDATES: November 30th, 2012

WWD – According to market sources, the PPR-owned fashion house picked the buzzy New York designer to succeed Nicolas Ghesquière, who is to officially exit Balenciaga today. Balenciaga officials had no comment on Thursday. Wang officials did not respond to a request for comment. – In the continuing Balenciaga drama, Alexander Wang appears to be the leading candidate to succeed the star designer Nicolas Ghesquiere, and an announcement of his appointment could be made as early as next week, a Paris source with knowledge of the discussions said on Wednesday night.

Elle – 28-year-old Wang will succeed Nicolas Ghesquière, who helmed Balenciaga for 15 years and officially exits the French house today. The New York designer, known for his commercial savvy at the contemporary level, represents a shift for Balenciaga, which under Ghesquière became synonymous with a luxe sport couture silhouette. Balenciaga officials had no comment on the news, WWD reports, while a Wang spokesman did not respond to requests for comment.

Vogue – ALEXANDER WANG is Balenciaga’s new creative director. The New York-based designer will replace Nicolas Ghesquière at the French fashion house, who officially leaves today – after 15 years at the helm.