Rei Kawakubo for Hermes

There’s another collaboration that’s happening for sure. Rei Kawakubo and Hermes. Have four sweeter words ever been spoken?

Earlier this week the whole fashion world let out a big collective gasp as the rumor wheel turned once again on H&M whom, according to that gossip queen Twitter, had tapped Givenchy (of all houses!) to be their next high-low end collaborator, following Martin Maison Margiela. Well, that’s yet to be resolved, but there’s another collab that’s happening for sure. Rei Kawakubo and Hermes. Have four sweeter words ever been spoken?

Rei Kawakubo, the private and brilliant designer of Comme des Garcons has designed two limited edition scarf collections for the French house, called “Comme des Carres”, but considering we’re talking about Kawakubo here – these are bound to be scarves like you’ve never seen scarves before. They’re probably already destined for cult item status. Here’s what Kawakubo had to say about her collaboration with the venerated house of Hermes:

“During this joint project, rather than being guided by the idea of the scarf as it is worn, I became interested instead in the beautiful ‘artworks’ that the designs on Hermès carrés represent, and I sought to change them by adding elements. By combining them with abstract images, we have transformed the carré and created a unique object.”

The ‘Noir et Blanc’ collection will consist of five different scarves, each with its own abstract pattern in black and white. The ‘Couleur’ collection will come in six colorful patterns like shirt stripes and Vichy checks.

The collections will be available this upcoming February, with price tags that range from $493 – $2076. Yeah, ::gulp:: is right. Start saving now.