Burberry Prorsum: 2012 in 3 Minutes

2012 was a great year for fashion, but it has never looked so spectacular, or felt so thrilling, as through the lens of Burberry Prorsum.

Let me start off by apologizing for the hyperbole in advance.

Burberry Prorsum has just delivered the most exhilarating, kinetic, spine-tingling fashion video maybe of all time. Tracing everything the house has done in a whole year in a mere three minutes – the runway shows, the parties, the cutting and sewing at the Burberry ateliers, the campaigns, the commercials – everything, and set against a blood-rushing Royal Philharmonic Orchestra rendition of Bernard Herrmann’s classic ‘North by Northwest’.

The first view, sitting in a mid-70F room, gave me goose-bumps. It’s fashion heaven on earth. Needless to say, watch this on full-screen. The experience makes you wish you could transport fashion onto IMAX. Screw what’s coming out in theaters next January. Play this for me over and over again AMC or Regal Cinemas. I’ll go see any movie you want. Bravo Burberry. We knew you had it in you, but still – damn.