The Case of the Red Sole

by Melissa Tunstall


The ongoing lawsuit over the red soles on shoes between Christian Louboutin and Yves St. Laurent seems to finally be over. A New York Federal Appeals Court reached a verdict in September upholding Louboutin’s trademark for his red soles, or “signature soles,” except if someone (in this case, YSL) wanted to use a red sole on a red shoe. YSL dropped any remaining counterclaims in October, making the case appear to be over. Yet, it’s been floating around without any real conclusion. That is until last week, when it was announced that the case has been dismissed. So, in the future if you see a red sole on the bottom of an expensive shoe, you can probably assume it’s a Christian Louboutin—unless it’s an all red shoe, then it’s a little murkier. Thanks for clearing that one up, court system.