Christian Dior Beauty Holiday Gift Guide

by Mynxii White

Christian Dior hands down had the best beauty looks two seasons in a row; the couture collection and Spring 2013 collection wasn’t the usual drama we’re used to seeing from collaborations with Pat McGrath and John Galliano, but still exquisitely done and heartbreakingly beautiful.

A more demure woman is emerging from the brilliant imagination of Raf Simmons, a refined elegance and the future of a “new classic” image of glamor is blooming into a look worth coveting. Dior’s new holiday makeup collection is no different. Taking inspiration from the extravagant parties of Granville, to the lavish Parisian balls of the roaring 20’s, the Dior Grand Bal collection is breathtaking with its chic pallets and Swarovski encrusted lashes that add a svelte twist to a flawless evening look. The magic of the holidays is captured in a modern interpretation of 17th century theatrics, transporting the wearer to a time filled with luxury and opulence.

The Grand Bal Palette $85 via

Inspired by the dance cards held by belles of the ball, the Grand Bal Palette holds an eye shadow duo in precious metals of platinum and gold with two complimentary gloss shades to match. A deep black liner completes the set in one beautiful gold case.

Diorific Vernis $26 via

Coming in four delectable shades is Dior’s new Diorific Vernis, a collector’s item beautifully presented for an accessory worth adding to a rich display. Available in classic red, sparkly black, pearl white, and delicate pink, these tantalizing colors can be changed to fit one’s mood from one night to the next, sweetly seductive one evening and tastefully trendy the next.

Diorific Lipstick $36 via

Luxury is redefined with a new look for four fabulous Diorific lip shades- Diorling, Diva, Lady and Marilyn pave the way to a new chapter of grandeur with it’s modern couture case.

Diorskin Loose Powder in Gold Dust $45 via

Illuminate skin with subtle golden shine with Diorskin Loose Powder in Gold Dust. Highlight cheekbones, shoulders and the neckline with an ethereal glow that is pleasantly provocative.

Palette 5 Colors $59 via

An ornate collection of rich textures and colors, the Palette 5 Colors delivers refined sophistication in celestial shades of platinum and gold.

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss $28 via

Add a “dash of glamor” to your smile with Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Lacquers in tinted Gold Lamé or Ceremonial Red on it’s own or as a topcoat for an intensity of temptation.