Soo Joo in New York, Fashion Editorial by Andrew Kuykendall

by Amy Lynn

The backstage feel Andrew Kuykendall gives us with this editorial makes you feel like you’re actually there. Where “there” is exactly, is for you to decide. Personally, it feels like we’re backstage at our favorite bands concert. Soo Joo is too cool to watch it from the crowd with everyone else, so she’s waiting behind the scenes in her Fernando Frissoni mesh jacket and leather pants by Alex Zsebik, styled by Laura Beaven, with hair styled by Chuck Olsen for Tommy Guns NY. Alex Almeida perfected the look with her touch as a makeup artist. After the show it’s the after party. Soo Joo switches things up with the help of Laura, Chuck, and Alex to make sure it’s a party the band will remember. Which band you may wonder? It doesn’t matter. It’s your favorite band.