Acoustic Levitation Through Vocal Discharge

A creative collaboration between beatboxer WanDan and Kayalight Studios. This film has been screened at The Small Film Festival and the London Short Film Festival, and is now getting great hype over at Vimeo.

For this creative collaboration with beatboxer WanDan, the East London team over at Kayalight Studios wanted to create a real concept and not just a video. So they created a whole back story around this project, beginning by creating a fictional company. They created a fake website which describes the “WANDAN/01” experiment, a facebook page leading you to believe this was an actual experiment. Their page states that 那刹 Ksana Institute is based somewhere on Kanton Island, a (real) island located in the South Pacific Ocean, why you might ask? so their facility would be “as close to the equator as possible to take advantage of the weaker force in the earths magnetic field.” of course.

Kayalight revealed that the video was filmed before the music was produced, which enabled them to build the composition around the animation movement.

Here’s the official description:

“Through Ksana Institute’s intensive program, Class 1 AudioBod WanDan has managed to achieve successive periods of acoustic levitation. This is accomplished by creating vocal discharge to produce standing waves. Once the standing waves produced match the subjects own frequency, nodes of reinforcement create lift.”

This is the first in a series of experiments that the institute is conducting, exploring the sonic capabilities of their recently discovered test subject WANDAN. For more information, visit”

If you still don’t get how it works, here’s the visual explanation:

Acoustic-Levitation-Through-Vocal-Discharge-2 Acoustic-Levitation-Through-Vocal-Discharge-1