Emporio Armani Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection


Emporio Armani managed to create a not-so-future futuristic look Fall. Managing to strike an almost unfathomable mix of pragmatism with a hint of the future, the pieces utilize a mix of textures, sheens, and colors.

Not going too far out of the galaxy, cobalt blue and mustard yellow are the main color accents used to punch up the grays and blacks signature pieces. Beautiful tailoring was ever present, as we’ve naturally come to expect from Mr. Armani (just look at the double breasted coat that opened the show). The surprise was the intergalactic touch to his tailoring—did anyone else think the blue zip up on top the blue pants with the blue ombré would be perfect for an alien-fighting Ryan Gosling?

The addition of the texturized leather jackets seamlessly added to the cohesiveness of the vision. The sporty striped sweaters with the mustard yellow cotton pants seem perfect for a lazy weekend, or a winter vacation to the moon. The way that these futuristic and visionary pieces can somehow be intermingled into one’s present day wardrobe is pure perfection.  We cannot wait to see these worn today, and in forty years for that matter.