Giorgio Armani Lightens Up


Playing with natural light and shadows, photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot let the clothes be the main attraction in Giorgio Armani’s new ad campaign. Posing in front of stark white elements, the models, Roc Barbot and Saskia De Brauw, project complete comfort and ease in the line’s clothing.

With the tailoring and the details of the man’s suit, the choice seems obvious to let it take center stage rather than a busy street scene or party. There’s no question that it is a good-looking suit and evokes a sense of confidence in the man who wears it.

The casual wear also elicits this sense of confidence but with laid-back charm. At first glance, the outfit seems perfect for a holiday weekend. Then you notice the zippered oxford shirt, the white shoes, the pattern of the pants and the jacket, and that bag. Sure, it makes a great outfit, but it also makes us wonder—with bated breath—about how the man who owns this outfit would style the pieces separately. The jacket with jeans? Yum. The pants with a simple and luxurious crew neck? Can’t wait to see you at dinner.

In terms of our lady friend, the pastel colors that De Brauw wear could seem dated and, dare we say it, South Floridian nursing home-esque, however Armani manages to do it in the exact opposite way. The pastels seem cool, calm, and somehow modern—our guess is the swing coat that adds this touch of modernity. Not to focus solely on the lighter color palette, the navy and black wide-striped pantsuit is one of dreams. Again, the minimalist setting allows for the clothes to take all the attention.

Armani knows how to make clothes, and this ad campaign reminds us to refocus our attention on the beauty of their design.