A History of Graphic Design For Rainy Days

by Team Bloginity

This awesome illustrated and pretty educational activity book follows Gramps and Kiddo on an amazing journey through the history of graphic design. Flip flip through the book, or get your very own copy for $29.90 right here.

About this book:

One fateful rainy day, a bored kid asks his grandfather “what in the world is graphic design?” Starting with that innocent question, this activity book takes its readers on a charmingly illustrated and cleverly revealing whirlwind tour through this creative discipline’s milestone developments, personalities, and technologies. With its engaging design, humorous narratives, and fun-filled exercises, it offers an entertaining look at the many aspects of graphic design—from typography’s humble beginnings to the internet-based font distribution of today; from styles including art nouveau, Dada, Bauhaus, and psychedelic to innovators such as William Morris, Jan Tschichold, Saul Bass, and David Carson.