Jil Sander Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection

by Melissa Tunstall


Jil Sander’s second season back at her namesake brand had her turning back to the basics of simple lines and exquisite tailoring. Shades of berry reds and forest greens accented the pieces while she used oversized collars and sleeveless shirts to stress the beauty of her designs.

There was a delicacy to the garments that didn’t take away from the masculinity of the pieces, in fact it enhanced it. Light pinstripes blended into the flannel seamlessly and the checkered pieces had a sense of nostalgia to them—magically bringing up images from 1970s London that didn’t make us cringe. The supple fabrics and smooth lines brought the designs into the 21st century and left the 1970s far away. Look to the sleeveless shirts employed against those stovepipe pants for a prime example.

And the coats, oh the coats! Featuring an array of different styles, it was impossible to select a favorite. Sports jackets to overcoats to lengths in between, outerwear managed to steal the show. Again, Sanders utilized clean, unadulterated details in the smallest doses-simple color blocks on the sleeves, accent colored collars, and even collar-less coats highlighted how the right amount of particulars can make a collection—and make a collection it did.