Jonathan Saunders Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Menswear can be very tricky. Walking a fine line of pushing the design creatively enough while still remaining functional enough to make people want to buy and wear the clothes. Luckily for us, Jonathon Saunders knew just how to mix it up so no one pulled their hair out about another immaculately tailored slim cut suit.

It was almost as if Saunders worked in layers of pushing the style line. Some of his casual looks were nicely done-the slim, navy suit with the grey, green, and blue overcoat could easily be added to one’s wardrobe. He also had a nice array of trousers that would be a welcome addition to the monotony and overuse of jeans.

But, then he started to push the boundaries. Ombrés in pink? Brightly colored knitwear? Eighties styled track jackets? Bomber jackets that seemed more 2050 than 1950? Saunders created a hodgepodge of looks that somehow managed to work. It was as if he was mixing classic British country style with futuristic alien wear and a touch of the 1950s and 80s—bizarrely making a cohesive collection.

At times, you wonder if the collection would be better suited for Carleton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air rather than a sophisticated cosmopolite. Then, you see how Saunders managed to tone it down with a neutral colored accent—be it a coat, a simple grey shoe, or even the simplicity of a black trench—making it more than workable. In the same way, he adds pizzazz to the what-could-be-boring outfits with a large, textured overcoat and brightly soled shoes to the looks.

Giving his clientele an array of ways to wear his clothes, from classic to a full-on chartreuse suit, Saunders did it again.