Mugler Fall Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection


Sometimes an inspiration takes a hold of one’s creativity and adds blinders to one’s vision. This inspiration can easily incept one’s mind. Perhaps Mugler inspiration came from major 2012 events-the Mars rover, political unrest and uprisings, and strong military actions? But Mugler definitely went with his inspiration full force-a sort of military garb pulling from medieval times and somehow the future.

Velcro vests that resembled bullet proof vests and knight’s armor; bomber jackets and pilot’s suits added to the variety of decadal influences; even the colors of the collection all elements seemed slightly jarring and off. The grays were too grey, and the blues too blue. Nicola Formichetti and Romain Kremer committed to their vision and created some sellable and wearable pieces but not necessarily whole looks. Some of the suit pieces could help add some variety to one’s wardrobes, but the more out there looks seem more destined for movie sets than closets.