PPR and Christopher Kane Take Their Relationship Public

In the least shocking news of the month, PPR announces the purchase of a majority stake of Christopher Kane


Christopher Kane

Want to know a funny thing about life? Sometimes, ok not always but sometimes,  when speculation goes on and on and on, it’s because there could be some truth behind. Case in point? The past year that was spent speculating whether PPR would buy a majority stake in Christopher Kane’s namesake label. The truth? Oh, that it happened and PPR now owns a 51% majority in said label.

As talks picked up during the latter end of 2012, the fashion industry’s hunch seemed to be right on track-and it was. Christopher Kane, who had to stay mum on the whole deal for quite some time, seemed excited about the deal and the future for the label. He’s already mentioned his excitement to move into leather and opening up an actual store, both of which were never possible on his own.

Like many others, we also cannot wait to see what’s in store—pardon the pun—for Christopher Kane.

Official Press Release

PPR and Christopher Kane jointly announce today that they have signed an agreement by which PPR acquires 51% of the luxury designer brand “Christopher Kane” in order to develop the business in partnership with its creator, the Scottish designer, Christopher Kane.

The Christopher Kane brand was founded by the designer in 2006 upon his graduation from Central Saint Martin’s College, London. He has developed a reputation as one of the most talented and innovative British designers. His brand is known for its inventive and imaginative fashion, offering classic yet subtly daring designs. Originally focused on ready-to-wear for women, the brand expanded into menswear in 2010. It sells across the world and has enjoyed successful collaborations with brands such as Versace, Versus, J Brand, Topshop, Swarovski and Shiseido. The company is based in London and has 26 employees.

In partnering with Christopher Kane, PPR increases its portfolio of luxury brands while fulfilling its mission to empower new creative talent. PPR has a strong track record of backing rising designers and has enjoyed great success with brands such as Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney.

PPR will enable the Christopher Kane brand to accelerate its expansion, by providing the support it needs to grow to the next level.

François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and CEO of PPR, commented: “Christopher is a truly great talent who has shown a real sense of modernity in the way he mixes elegance and subtle constructions. In just a few years he has built a very distinctive and exciting brand with a unique DNA. I am delighted that Christopher Kane is joining PPR’s portfolio of luxury brands and working with us to further develop his business as a global luxury brand. Christopher Kane is already established as a luxury label and has a tremendous intrinsic growth potential. We thus have great ambitions for the brand and will enable it to benefit from our expertise and know-how while providing the space for it to further develop its own creative identity.”

Christopher Kane, Founder and Creative Director of the brand says: “We are very excited and honoured to be partnering with PPR for the next stage of development for our brand. PPR have an incredible reputation for building some of the very best luxury brands in the world. They respect our creative vision and they have the expertise and experience to help us build the Christopher Kane brand globally.”