Shaun Samson Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection


Get ready to hear this name for a while: Shaun Samson. Samson’s show created major buzz as his oversized tees and jerseys made their way down the MAN runway show, an initiative between Topman and Far East to highlight emerging menswear designers.

The Central Saint Martins graduate drew on the grunge look and at times had us wondering if he had magically brought the members of Nirvana back together (seriously, Dave Grohl, is that you?) and back to life. Socks with sandals marched down the runway as oversized knits with baggy skater inspired shorts completed the look. Perhaps the most striking look was the kitten face, which managed to have slightly demonic and sad eyes at the same time, appearing on a number of shirts. This kitten begged the question of how long it would take until a fashion meme would be created about sadz devil kitten. We give it about three weeks, if not quicker, before the kitten is begging to “havz” something or teach us a fashion lesson—move over chemistry cat.

Samson definitely created this collection with his ideal client in mind, the cool kid on the street. One can easily imagine some Brooklynites or Hackney youngun’s opting for his open shirts and baggy board shorts for a balmy day at the park. They’d go home to change into the metallic silver pullover for an evening out. Or they could opt for the plaid shorts or blue striped nightgown looking number with a melon color block.

Playing to this modern street wear man, Samson has tapped into something. The wearable looks also scream of something that is thoughtful, planned, fashioned. The collection is definitely designer grunge, fashionable downtown. Thankfully though, Samson didn’t go full on skater and have his models board down the runway.