Topman Design Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection


Creating a narrative through the collection, Topman Design showcased their fashions through the evolving nature of one’s global journey. Starting off in crisp, winter white clothing that expressed functional use the voyager soon began to express his new worldly vantages through his clothing.

He begins to wear desert colors with fur-trimmed parka hoods—perhaps a trip to the Middle East or the Siberian? His next move alters his fashion in a more obvious way. The bright oranges and crimsons scream of his Tibetan adventure.

As our Topman wraps up his travels, he returns to a more classic aesthetic bur doesn’t leave his adventure behind him. Boots with touches of hiking details complements his navy brocade suits while his pants remain slouchier.

The collection may be inspired travel—and could even inspire you to travel but it will also brighten up a dreary winter day at home.