Versace Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Versace men’s ready-to-wear collection may as well have just been called the show with the lingerie for men.


If you ever wondered why there wasn’t a male equivalent of Victoria’s Secret, Donatella Versace answered that question with the 2013 Versace men’s autumn collection. Parading sculpted male models down the runway with their nether bits covered in lace and a variety of tops (mesh, lace, fur, you name it), the boxers-come-cycling shorts-come undies made quite the impression. Whether this impression was one tied to feminism or just to showcase that some men may want more lace in the wardrobe, it did attract a decent amount of attention.

The sexy underoos were the most daring and awe-striking garments to go down the runway, but in true Versace fashion the other designs garnered their own attention. Pulling inspiration from the animal kingdom, Spanish matadors, ski vacations, and a gangster-inspired 90s vibe, the rest of the collection also managed to showcase the toned torsos of the models.

The suit jackets were boxier, pants baggier, and denim hand painted. The double-breasted suits with two-toned shoes had us recalling images of Al Capone mixed with the MC Hammer; zebra and giraffe animal prints were thrown onto suits and puffer jackets; and the iconic gold, brocade of Versace could be found intertwined into the collection. While many of the looks—yes, we’re going back to the matador inspired look and the shiny zebra ski coat—had us wanting to scream “why?” and at times throw our hands up in frustration as if to say “ohh, more outrageous prints and animal inspired looks” and “we get it!”, Versace did manage to showcase some more traditional, gentlemanly looks that were strewn across the runways in London.

Updating these classic suits, fabrics of blues and silvers added a less traditional look. It could also have been the almost clown like ties, shorter and largely knotted, that gave the look a less than conventional look.

And, yes, the lacy bloomers will grab the most headlines, but there’s plenty else to talk about with this collection. So much so that we’re still trying to wrap our heads around this one.