Artist Spotlight: Jens Ullrich

A closer look at Jens Ullrich, a Berlin-based artist, best recognized for his gatherings of old newspaper that turn into abstract compositions.

Jens Ullrich, "Flieger".

Jens Ullrich, “Flieger”.

Today we take a closer look at Jens Ullrich, an artist who received massive recognition for his collage series “Pilot” during the 2012 Olympics.

The Berlin-based artist is perhaps best known for his collection of old newspaper that result in abstract composition featured in several of his exhibitions throughout the years. “Welcoming Community”, (2007) was one of them. The following series entitled “Pilots”, or in Jens native tongue “Flieger” follows the artists love of collages.

The series combines the boldness of sports photography with the political and social statement of sculptures from the Nazi era, the so-called State of the Art 1933 – 1945. These are life-sized collages, and they were individually pieced together onto the canvas itself.

Jens-Ullrich-Collages-8 Jens-Ullrich-Collages-1 Jens-Ullrich-Collages-2 Jens-Ullrich-Collages-3 Jens-Ullrich-Collages-4 Jens-Ullrich-Collages-5 Jens-Ullrich-Collages-6 Jens-Ullrich-Collages-7