Bonobo’s Cirrus & The North Borders

by Team Bloginity

It’s been almost three years since the release of Bonobo’s masterful, mould-breaking Black Sands, an album that saw him touring a hypnotic live show across the world for well over a year, an album of which we spent hours listening to at the Bloginity offices while designing, tweeting, and tweaking our website.

Now, in 2013, Bonobo stands ready to take things up yet another notch.

The North Borders is a long stride forward – both a natural evolution and a continuation of the electronic palette of Black Sands. Thematic, resonant, addictive and perfectly formed, it’s a thrillingly coherent statement piece.

The new album, ‘The North Borders’ will be released April 1st, 2013.

The label has pressed 250 white label records featuring a brand new track from the album. These 12″s will be hidden in some of the best indie record shops all over the world over the next few weeks.

Each 12″ has a unique code within it, which can be entered for a chance to win a top secret grand prize. The record will be appearing at different times in different stores and countries, so keep an eye on your local music shop and on for more news.