Creatures of the Wind Fall Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Shane Gabier and Chris Peters of Creatures of the Wind balance their whimsy and consumer-mindedness for fall, but it’s their folksy roots that win out.


Creatures of the Wind is arguably one of the freshest recent editions to the New York Fashion Week schedule. Shane Gabier and Chris Peters’ award-winning line feels more London Fashion Week than New York, and that’s part of what’s made it such a hot ticket in this saturated docket. The fact that they’re from Chicago is probably a blessing. They just feel different, though this season, the duo kept the art and commerce more even-keeled. They’re boisterous, but not Meedham Kirchhoff boisterous. Season by season, they’re getting better at learning to parse the secret language of their designs.

Though this collection wrung a more urban note than any of their previous endeavors, Gabier and Peters didn’t dismiss their infectious play with folk and pastiches. It was great to see a CotW take on the bordering-on-ubiquitous tunic over trouser eveningwear trend, as seen on black monochromatic number with synthetic vinyl sleeves and collar detail. There was a pucker of menswear throughout – sports jackets with tuxedo lapels in a glossy film, truncated little ties with crystal embroideries and plenty of long-sleeve collar shirts.

Valiant sartorial efforts aside, the CotW roots of pastiche-play, of psychedelic discordancy, were this season’s shining pieces. One sports-cut coat came with a dizzying patchwork of what looked like red metallic tweed and Swarovski crystals. Another print with a similar shattered-glass effect, looked stellar on the bottom half of a black vinyl sheath, but a touch referential. A favorite here was a large windowpane check shirt in their traditional folksy palette, as seen over a pleated A-line. It’s a simple enough top, save for that persistent collar detail, but versatile too. It could easily end up in a men’s editorial. Or men’s closets. It’ll be a no-brainer soon enough. When these boys go for plaid, the heart sings.