Custo Barcelon Fall Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection


Custo Barcelona designs garner attention—sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a crazy way. This time, Custo Barcelona’s fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection grabbed attention in a good way. Steering away from the do-it-yourself, pattern-mixing influenced collection of the previous season, Custo Barcelona ran with the “beauty and the beast” inspiration.

The beautiful colors and fabrics took care of the beauty aspect, and the fur jackets seemed to take on the literal translation of the beast. Literal or not, the colored fur coats would have been perfect ot wrap up in n the cold, blizzardy days of last week.

Granted, the tribal prints also added to the beauty. In truth, it felt Nordic, and in lesser, but inescapable Custo moments, very extreme. Call us crazy, but we’d like to be able to move our necks in our sweaters or leave Icelandic blue plaid suits out of our closet.

Even with some of the cray pieces, overall the collection worked. Many a slouchy pant, shift dress, or cozy knit could easily find itself into many people’s closets. The Custo brand has a way of letting their clothes come to life in the real world and this season emphasized that strength the best way Custo Dalmau, its creative director, may know how. The men’s designs would be a little harder to subtly work into one’s wardrobe, but for a statement piece, it’s still a fun line.

Sometime over the top, yes, but this season Custo Barcelona reined in some of the crazy and produced a much more wearable collection than in the past.