Emilio Pucci Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection

by Melissa Tunstall


Winter is drab enough. It’s cold, dark, and generally depressing, yet black seems to always be the color of the season. Until now. Peter Dundas had had enough. In Emilio Pucci’s fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection, blues, tans, and whites fluttered down the runway in a plethora of fabrics and textures soothing the malaise of winter.

The collection seemed heavily influenced by the Sixties with mini skirts, flowy shirts, extremely over-the-knee boots, and heavy bangs. A sense of opulence with furs and sequins seeped into the collection. The brocade print on the boots also helped with this opulence.

And of course there were prints. How could there not be? Differentiating from the bright prints that made Pucci Pucci, these kaleidoscope patterns were subtler in blues, blacks, grays, and whites.

Sheer fabrics from the spring 2013 collection also appeared in this collection—however in much smaller doses and much more wearable. Just hints were used in dresses and used in a way that seemed primmer than in last season’s designs. Sweet polka dots probably had something to do with that. But, there was also the sexiness that Dundas has managed to include in his collections. Sheer fabric was used in micro minis hinting at even more skin. Oh, and micro minis were abundant. Legs have always been an asset that Pucci liked to showoff, and this collection is no different.

Veering back on course, Dundas managed to create a winter collection that didn’t rely solely on black. Normally the thought of showing bare legs in winter can be terrifying, yet wrapping up his fuzzy fur coats with miniskirts and thigh high boots seems desirable and somehow highly plausible. One can dream, and thanks to Pucci’s fall 2013 collection we’re dreaming in color again.