Galliano, Dior, and Court

by Melissa Tunstall


Dior, Avenue Montaigne.

John Galliano won a small victory against Christian Dior in court. The Paris court system has agreed to hear his case against his termination from Dior rather than sending it to commercial court. Galliano was infamously dismissed from the couture brand after a rant of anti-Semitic remarks at a Parisian café in March 2011.

Dior wished to pursue his termination law suit in a commercial court, claiming Galliano’s contract was much more complex than an average employee and dismissal case. The Paris court system disagreed. Dior has 15 days to appeal the ruling.

The sum that Galliano is seeking is unknown but given his substantial salary (1 million Euros per year) plus compensation in stock as well as a percentage of the brand’s rise in sales leads one to assume it will be high. Not to mention, Galliano also received money for personal grooming for appearances as well as separate income from his own John Galliano label.

A small victory for Galliano, yes, but any victory is positive for the disgraced designer who appears to be making 2013 his comeback year.