The Future of Fashion Week is Here

Topshop unveils their collaborative partnership with Google+ and announce that they will be streaming their Fall/Winter 2013 show live via a Google+ Hangout.

There is a revolution in action, happening right in front of our eyes right within the fashion industry. These last few weeks I’ve recalled a short conversation I had with Tommy Hilfiger spanning back to 2011.

Quote on quote: “If Apple applies themselves to our industry they have the ability of changing it. Think of the iPhone, FaceTime, think of what they’ve done. What we need is infusion with technology.”

And just shortly after that Burberry announced that they will be streaming their shows live on the web. Can you believe that? Now anyone in the world can sit down and enjoy the fashion show as it happens live. Not to mention the hundred of thousands fashion bloggers out there that can literally blog about the event as it’s taking place, not to mention the social reaction on Twitter, etc..

Who would have thought that just a year later–anyone could stream live videos via a Google+ Hangouts, and many designers are leveraging this revolutionary social media tool: from our hangout just the other night right after the Marc by Marc Jacobs to our hangout with Zegna earlier this January to many more.

So who deserves the credits here? I would have to say the restless fashion team behind Google+ who has been so heavily involved with the production of the shows this season. They have been the ones teaming up with the designers, the publications, the bloggers, let’s give it up to them.

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