Gucci Fall Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection


Opening Milan Fashion Week, Frida Giannini came at us full force. Unveiling look after look, the inspiration of Gucci’s fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection was clear. The collection strutted down the runway much like a male peacock carousing around the park looking for his mate. This peacock inspiration along with the jewel tones could be seen on each garment-some more literally than others, hello actual feathers.

Different lines beautifully showcased different areas of a women’s body. Long sleeves managed to appear sexy; boat necklines highlighted the curve of a woman’s neck and almost begged for more attention than the plunging necklines of the other dresses. Tailoring was exquisite—but what more would you expect from Gucci—managing to illuminate a woman’s body in the most beautiful and desirable way possible. Pant suits, lace jumpsuits, and even wide leg trousers all worked on the body in the best way possible.

The column evening gowns and sheer tops were of course glamorous, but even the 1940s styled dresses which can appear matronly were more Joan than Peggy. Are we gushing? Our b, but Frida, and Gucci, killed this collection.