Kaufmanfranco Fall Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection

by Melissa Tunstall


Kaufmanfranco Fall 2013. Photo by Yannis Vlamos, InDigital | GoRunway.

Espionage inspiration is kind of a funny one. For a career that wants you to blend in, fashion designers who use the spy world as inspiration sure make it difficult. And Kaufmanfranco is no exception. Their fall ready-to-wear 2013 collection relied heavily on leathers and furs and played up the good girl gone bad spy persona—more James Bond than Homeland. In other words, this collection would turn heads.

Leather and furs provided the texture of the mostly black collection. Mini dresses, pants, and even maxi dresses stormed the runway, offering the spy girl an outfit for every occasion. And while deep v-cut necklines and sparkles added some glam, the tailoring of the coats-different shapes and cuts—made the collection more wearable.

Touches of green (umm hello gorgeous, green evening gown, nice to meet you) and taupes managed to break up the mostly black and gray palette of the collection. However, the knee-high boots seemed a bit overplayed and obvious for the inspiration. Being the first runway show for designers Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco, we’re sure the styling and dimensions will only expand as the brand grows. The beginning and end of the show stole the drama and held the best designs. If a spy were dressed in this collection, it’s easy to see why so many people fall head over heels for the seductive vixens of the spy world.