Rochambeau Fall Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection

by Melissa Tunstall


Rochambeau Fall 2013. Photo Credit: Andrew Werner,

Move over, Geico. There are some new cavemen in town. Rochambeau cavemen to be precise. Pulling inspiration from the cave drawings at Chauvet, Rochambeau’s ready-to-wear men’s fall 2013 collection melds cave drawings with utilitarian style.

Although the paintings at Chauvet date back 40,000 years, Rochambeau modernized the inspiration—making it more urban jungle, less caveman chic. The designs stemmed from the drawings without question. Perhaps the most obvious of the inspiration comes in the form of the printed leggings, which incorporated the paintings of animals. Mixing these prints with drop-crotch trousers, over coats, anorak-style jackets, and male onesies helped bring the paleo-era inspired designs into 2013.

The muted hues also illustrated the cavern inspiration. Organic tones of sand, amber, and onyx clearly came from the earthly nature of the paintings. Even the accessories came from the earth with quartz necklaces (very YSL) that screamed of the natural world. Sunglasses protected the models eyes—hey, after spending years in a cave one’s eyes can be very sensitive.

Inspiration may have come from the BC time period, but Rochambeau managed to make it more wearable in the AD centuries. Thankfully, these designs made it out of the caves and into today’s world. Comfy yet stylish, these designs will fit perfectly into the downtown world of 2013.