‘Silence’ A Photography Series by Claire Droppert

Silence, a landscape photo series captured by Claire Droppert. This breathtaking project aims to express simplicity and minimalism and was shot around the world from locations such as Paxos, Greece and Montejaque, Spain.

Silence, Photo by Claire Droppert

Silence, Photo by Claire Droppert

The Silence series was created out of the photographers interest for the absence of sound within different locations. The series was shot during a period of time from several different locations including Paxos, Greece all the way to Montejaque, Spain.

Claire Droppert is a freelance photographer/graphic designer from Rotterdam, Netherlands. She aims to inspire by the combination of simplicity and minimalism by documenting locations and applying her unique editing techniques.

Description from the artist

‘Silence’ is the lack of audible sound or presence of sounds of very low intensity. – wikipedia

Silence [ˈsaɪləns]
1. the state or quality of being silent
2. the absence of sound or noise; stillness
3. refusal or failure to speak and communicate.
4. a period of time without noise
5. oblivion or obscurity

“The use of a simplistic style was essential to capture the distinguishing silence. This way I could lay focus on the characteristics of a certain place, without being distracted by other elements.”

Learn more about the photographer right here http://claireonline.nl/.